Hupanchin Republic

The map of Hupanchi

and largest city
Official languages Chinese
Demonym Hupanchin
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
• President
Chipin Lui
• Vice President
Yekong Su
• Prime Minister
Fungyi Wang
• Deputy Prime Minister
Dingfa Yang
Legislature National Diet
House of Councilors
House of Representative
Independence from Ming Dynasty
• Declared and the establishment of Hupanchin Empire
• Hupanchin People's Republic
• Hupanchin Revolution
May to July 1985
• Establishment of Hupanchin Republic
August 2, 1985
Currency Hupanchin yuan (¥)

Hupanchi, officially the Hupanchin Republic is the country of East Asia. It is located north, west and south of China and east of the East China Sea. It was conquered by many dynasties of China until it was declared independence from Ming Dynasty. I t has a very close diplomatic relationship to Japan, Nanhai Tudi, South Korea and Taiwan for many years.


Ancient Hupanchi

Hupanchin Empire

Hupanchi declared independence from Ming dynasty as they lost to Hupanchi in the Hupanchin War in 1640. The Hupanchin Empire was established at the same year and the first emperor was Emperor Chenlei I. He reigned from 1640 to 1710.

Hupanchin People's Republic

Emperor Libai IV was abdicated in 1960. He and the royal family was forced to abdicate the throne and live-in exile in other countries from the Communists. But they live-in exile at Russia but they are not come back to Hupanchi anymore. The Hupanchin People's Republic was proclaimed in 1960 and Leepin Su proclaimed himself as the first president.

Present day




Government and Politics


Ministry Minister Term
Ministry of Agrarian Reform and Housing
Ministry of Agriculture and Environment
Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Communications
Ministry of the Culture and Arts
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Foreign Relations and Immigration
Ministry of Forestry and Natural Resources
Ministry of Health and Welfare
Ministry of the Interior
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Labor
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Science
Ministry of Sports and Tourism
Ministry of Transportation
Ministry of Treasury

Political parties

The major political parties in Hupanchi are the right wing Democratic Liberty Party, the centre-right Nationalist Party and the left-wing Worker's Party of Hupanchi.

Administrative divisions

Hupanchi has 3 provinces:

  • Hupanchi (Capital: Hefuchu)
  • Luyinpin (Capital: Shanbei-lu)
  • Pinsuwan (Capital: Pinsuwan)