Huria at greatest extent

Huria at its greatest extent

The Hurian Federation was a major nation located in Africa between 1951 and 2012. It was dissolved in August of 2012 by the government when it was acknowledged that the country's mission to develop Africa had been completed. The major parts of the government relocated to French Guiana (now Hurian Guiana) later that month, and still exist as the government of that nation. It was known throughout it history for its harsh laws and actions, including the genocide of nearly 175,000 of its own people in the 1970s.

Since its dissolution, the country was been regarded as a violent nation that wished to bring death and hate into 21st century, and opposed by most of the world community. While it is now gone, fears that the remnents residing Jamaica, Liberia, and Texas may do something to the populace have spread through the nations that opposed Huria during its last years. Hopes that another nation of it kind never returns it generally agreed upon. Its successor state, the East African Federation, is currently the holder of the defunct federation's technologies, plans, and ideals, and is still a powerful force in the region.

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