Hurian Penal Legions
Hurian Adhabu Jeshi
Emblem of the Hurian Penal Legions
Emblem of the Hurian Penal Legions
Founded 15 August 1903
Country Flag of the Hurian Federation Hurian Federation
Allegiance Maurice Williams
Type Penal Legion
Size 1,008,348 troops
786 combat aircraft (2012 est.)
448 helicopters (2012 est.)
Part of Emblem of the Hurian Armed Forces Hurian Armed Forces
Patron Supreme Commander of the Hurian Federation
Motto "To my brothers repent, and all shall be forgiven"
Colors Black & White
Engagements N/A
Supreme Commander Maurice Williams
War Minister Nandi Mashaba
Grand Provost Marshal Naja Barre
Aircraft flown
Attack A-10 Thunderbolt, A-10 Thunderbolt II
Bomber Enyiazu EA/b-44 Punisher, Enyiazu EA/b-45 Eviscerator, Enyiazu EA/b-46 Interogator
Fighter Enyiazu EA-14 Panther, Enyiazu EA-21 Mamba, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F/A-18 Hornet

The Hurian Penal Legions (HPL) are a military force of the Hurian Federation, charged with filling the offensive roles of the military. It is made up of criminials, traitors, cowards, and disgraced military personnel, who fight for a chance to redeem themselves, and rejoin their brothers and sisters. Though it recieves less funding, and gets all of Huria's second-hand military equipment, it has proved its worth time and time again, prevailing where it was believed it would fail. It is under the command of the central Hurian Armed Forces.

The government, despite the HPL's successes, seeks to destroy the HPL, but do so in such a manner that it gains something from the suicidial missions the HPL is constantly thrown into. It numbers some 1,008,348 active soldiers, but this estimate is unreliable, as the War Council of the Hurian Federation has never cared enough to actually take a head count of the force due its the fluctuating numbers. Despite the lack of funding and modern equipment, the training of the HPL is superb, allowing the force to punch far beyond its misleading appearences.


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