Hurian Reclaimation Army
HRA Banner
Banner of the Hurian Reclaimation Army
Founded July 31, 2012
Country Hurian Federation
Type Retribution Army
Role Reclaim South Africa for Huria, and punish the seperatist leadersTotal War
Size 780,000 troops
400 combat aircraft
Motto Take it back! Kill everything!
Colors Black

The Hurian Reclaimation Army is a large military force assembled by the Hurian Federation and stationed on the border with the rebel state known as the Southern African Confederacy, and tasked with waiting for the command of the Hurian War Council for the time invade and reclaim South Africa for Huria. The force was hastely assembled on July 31, 2012 following the breakaway of seven of Huria's sectors. Currently, this force consist of 780,000 troops, 400 aircraft, and countless vehicles, artillery, and bases. The Hurian government refuses to recognize the SAC, and swears that it will complete destroy everyone and everything within the rebel state during the invasion. The Supreme Commander Benjamin Williams has autorized the usage of WMDs during the invasion, and the War Council has given the forces permission to deal with the civilians as they see fit. Following the Treaty of Defiance, the HRA was placed on standby, and is awaiting the order to invade the SAC which Huria refused to recognize after the treaty's signing. The entire force is stationed along the Two Kilo Buffer, known in Huria as "The Wall". The opposing force side of the Wall is the Southern African Armed Forces, which is smaller than the HRA with a size of 500,000 men, plus poorly trained and equipped militias.


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