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The Hurian Termination Policy is the official document written by the Hurian War Council, containing information on the nation's policy toward countries conquered by their forces, and the orders the military commanders are to carry out upon their victory. It was started in 1971 by the Bureau of Internal Investigation at the requst of Rollace Williams, who simply wanted a list to give his officers should he ever decide to expand the Hurian Federation across Africa. However, when the War Council got a hold of the policy after Rollace's death, they altered it to include how to handle a nation, what to with the people of the native ethnic, religious, and political groups, and what to do with the population centers. Such a list is currently kept by three people; War Minister Nandi Mashaba, Field Marshal Xue Yue, and Director-General Ahmadu Shagari, the only three people deemed strong enough to make the order to see the list fulfilled. No other commander is allowed to view the list (with exception of the members of the War Council), and only once they've completed their mission, they then recieve their orders on what to do next, never seeing the entire plan.



Head of State Nationality Policy Notes
Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer Flag of Everett Union of Everett TERMINATE Ms. Spencer's death is paramount in any plans involving Everett. Her survival will not be tolerated.
Trầng Chúp Long Flag of Yarphei Grand Yarphese Republic TERMINATE Trầng Chúp Long has build up a cult of personality around himself. His death would prove instrumental in damaging the moral of Yarphese military forces.
Naomi Yasmin Ivry Flag of Israel Federal State of Israel TERMINATE Madame Ivry has stood in the way of the Federation's plans and those its allies for too long. Her death is required to set an example to others.
Kefentse Gabya Flag of the SAC Southern African Confederacy TERMINATE Mr. Gabya is a traitor of the state. He must be dealt with as such. He and his family and friends must be liquidated.
Kumiko Akimoto Flag of the East Asian Federation East Asian Federation PROTECT Akimoto is a valued ally of the War Council, and a woman held in high regard by the Supreme Commander. She must be protected at all cost.
Matthew Hill Flagnew1op1 United Commonwealth of Australia & New Zealand PROTECT The Williams Family is particularly fond of Mr. Hill, and do not wish to see any harm done to him. His survival is mandatory.
Reinhardt I of Benelux Flag of Benelux Union of Benelux IGNORE King Reinhardt I is of no threat to the plans of the War Council, and whether he lives or dies during an occupation is of no concern of the War Council's. Procede as seen fit.

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