NGC 4414 (NASA-med)

The Galaxy

The Hyperjump Universe is set in a galaxy where space travel is possible by traveling through the fabric of the universe in man-made wormholes called Warps. The galaxy is large and like our galaxy, constantly expanding. It is divided into four categories: Inner Space, Mid Space, Outer Space, and Uncharted Space. There are four major empires and a handful of other factions.


The main empires are the Outer Union, the United Core, the Human Confederacy, and the Independent Planets. There is also a major sub-faction that can be considered a empire, the Pirates Union, dedicated to organizing rebels and space pirates.


At the center of the galaxy is the Core, a black hole that the United Core lives inside of due to their amazing technology. At the outside of the galaxy, there is the expanding space that is somewhat uncharted. The most civilized and developed sections are Inner, Mid, and Outer Space.


In the Hyperjump Universe, there is all the technology we have now plus more. There is a way to instantly travel through space, called Warping. It involves using man made wormholes called Warps.

There are also advanced weapons, and the standard weapon is the plasma gun, which shoots plasma bullets and doesn’t require ammunition. Plasma guns do however, overheat if fired too fast.

Large starships exist too, even city sized ships and massive battleships. The larger ships are called Capital Ships, and the capital ship sizes from smallest to largest are Scout, Frigate, Cruiser, Destroyer, and Battleship.

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