Hyundai K-2 Joint Strike Fighter
Hyundai JSF
Hyundai K-2 Joint Strike Fighter
Role Multi-role combat aircraft
National origin Greater Korean Republic
Manufacturer Hyundai
Designed by Hyundai
First flight December 1, 2008
Introduction January 12, 2012
Primary user Greater Korean Republic
Produced 2008 - Present
Number built 12
Unit cost $236.8M

The Hyundai K-2 Strike Fighter is an multi-role fighter designed and produced and produced by the Greater Korean Republic's Hyundai for use in the Greater Korean Air Force. The jet fighter was designed and tested in 2008, and used the F-35 Lightning II as the basis for the K-2. The K-2 has three main models; the K-2A is a conventional take off and landing; the K-2B is a short take-off and landing variant; and the K-2C is a carrier-based variant. An total of 172 were produced for the Greater Korean Navy and Greater Korean Air Force.

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