The Right Honourable
Hywel Price
Hywel Price.jpg
Price in 2015
Constituency Clearwater (1978-present)
Minister of the Treasury
Assumed office
3rd October 2015
President Diane Hall
Preceded by Frank Jackson
In office
21st September 1995 – 17th August 2000
President Carwyn Maddock
Preceded by Brian Whitney
Succeeded by Michael Heaney
Leader of the National Union Party
In office
12th September 2004 – 27th April 2011
Preceded by Carwyn Maddock
Succeeded by Diane Hall
Leader of the Opposition
In office
12th September 2004 – 27th April 2011
President Hannah Kwong
Preceded by Hannah Kwong
Succeeded by Diane Hall
Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
17th August 2000 – 12th September 2004
President Carwyn Maddock
Preceded by John Rowland
Succeeded by Anthony Perry
Personal details
Born Hywel Price
12th October 1950 (65)
Flag of Rainier Olympia, Rainier
Nationality Rainian
Political party GPUN Emblem National Union Party
Spouse(s) Jane Fawcett
Children 4
Alma mater University of Rainier
Profession Politician
Religion Calvinistic Methodist

Hywel Raymond Price (born 12th October 1950, aged 65) is a Rainian National Union politician who is the current Minister of the Treasury for Rainier. He was formerly the Minister of the Treasury between 1995-2000, Minister of Foreign Affairs between 2000-5, the NUP leader between 2005-11 and co-currently leader of the opposition, having led the NUP in the 2007 and 2010 elections. Price currently serves as the MP for Clearwater, a position he has held since 1978.

Born in Olympia in 1950 to an upper class family Price entered politics at a young age, becoming the NUP MP for Clearwater in 1978 being part of a generation of new right MP's in the NUP. He was a junior minister in the government of Paul Hawke between 1983-6. Price soon served in the Shadow Cabinet of NUP leader Carwyn Maddock as Treasury Minister, and after the NUP victory in the 1995 election was inaugurated in his cabinet in that role. During his tenure as Treasury Minister Price implemented neoliberal reforms such as tax and public spending cuts. After the 1999 election he moved to the post of Foreign Affairs Minister, where Price led Rainian efforts to involve itself in the Iraq War. After the 2004 election which saw the NUP defeated by the Labour party led by Hannah Kwong he became leader of the NUP. He was able to survive a leadership challenge in 2008 after losing the 2007 election continuing to serve as Leader of Opposition and leading the party again into the 2010 election. Although Price increased the NUP's vote he was not able to displace Labour's majority, causing him to resign as NUP leader in 2011. Following NUP's candidate Diane Hall's victory in the 2015 election Price was nominated as the Minister of the Treasury, taking the role in October 2015.

Price identifies as a liberal conservative, advocating for economic liberalism whilst being hawkish in foreign affairs. The Daily Tribune described him as being the "standard bearer for Thatcherite economic reform in the NUP, whilst being more socially liberal then some of his colleges". Price has been nicknamed the "Professor of Politics" due to his large backroom influence in Rainian politics.

Early life

Political career

Cabinet minister

2005 presidential election

Opposition leader

2010 presidential election

Prime Minister

Public Image

Personal life

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