International Missile Systems
Type SA
Headquarters Baiona, Euskadi
Key people Mikel Bigot Oñate, CEO
Industry Defence & Aerospace
Products Special ammunition, missile, missile systems, rockets
Employees 7,159 (2010)
Parent EXPAL 21%, Euskalduna Ontziolak SA 15%, BBVA 9%, Petronor 7%, Euskadi Government 5%
Website http://www.imsys.ek

International Missile Systems - IMSYS is the result of the merger of different companies and divisions that took place in early 90's sponsored by the Basque government to create a competitive company in the international market. The company's main business has been from the beginning the manufacture of special ammunition, missiles and missile systems.

Since 2003, IMSYS is one of the founding members of the European Missile Consortium and its commercial brand Mercury.


The structure of the company has been consolidating since its formation and after last divestments in not key business areas, leaves as follows:

  • IMSYS Missiles
  • IMSYS Weapons Systems
  • IMSYS Aeronautics
  • IMSYS Rockets
  • IMSYS Finnancial

Product range

Under IMSYS Missile trademark

Category Type Name
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
Sugar - tactical reconnaissance
Bateleur - MALE reconnaissance
Urtzi - target drone
Guided missiles
A-Lantza – short-range Infrared homing
R-Lantza – radar guided Beyond Visual Range missile (BVR)
surface-to-air Ezpata
Marrazo submarine torpedo
Barrakuda surface ships torpedo
Guided bombs
Herensuge precision-guided glide bomb series
Weapons Management Systems
Armiarna weapons management system

Under Mercury trademark

See: Mercury