Institute for Space Research of the Southern Cross Republic
Instituto para Pesquisa Espacial do Cruzeiro do Sul
Owner SouthernCross Flag2 Southern Cross Republic
Established January 1, 2001
(formerly the South Crossic Aerospace Institute, 1981-2000)
Headquarters Santana
Primary spaceport Cabo Norte Air Base, Cabo Norte-NL
Administrator Cristiano Schroeder
Budget $14.1 million (2013)
The Institute for Space Research of the Southern Cross Republic, commonly known as South Crossic Space Agency, or in the Portuguese acronym IPECS (Portuguese: Instituto para Pesquisa Espacial do Cruzeiro do Sul, IPECS) is the South Crossic government space agency responsible for Southern Cross Republic's space program. It was established and sanctioned in January 2001. The Chief Executive Officer of the agency is Cristiano Schroeder who reports to the Minister of Industry.

IPECS is involved in the development of space exploration, satellite construction and development as well as related technologies and infrastructure (including the CRUSAT series of Earth observation satellites) and related research in aerospace engineering, remote sensing, astrophysics, atmospheric science, and information science.

IPECS headquarters and the main ground control station are in Santana.

Sounding rocket program

Indigenously developed suborbital launch vehicle. Four to five launches as of 2010.

FS-IDecember 15, 2004NoneSuccessful first test flight.
FS-IIOctober 24, 2006Tri-Methyl Aluminum (TMA)Second stage ignition failure, mission lost
FS-IIIDecember 24, 2008Tri-Methyl Aluminum (TMA)Mission successful
FS-IVDecember 14, 2010Airglow photometer, GPS receiverMission successful




Planned Missions