Ianos Thanasisidis (born 1630? – 2 Janurary 1702) was born in the city of Bitola to a Aromanian family in Macedonia.


In 1645, Thanasisidis immigrated to Frecia, having heard interesting news of the nation of Frecia being a free country where no one was persecuted because of their ethnicity or culture. Upon arrival he joined the Neikias provincial-popular division army. This army fought for the establishment of a freer country without the Dutch occupation in southern and northern Portuguese occupation of Frecia.

Ianos has popularly been known as "the father of the flag." It was attributed to him and to a few other candidants. This flag consists of 4 white bars on dark blue background. The four bars represent the four cultures that inhabited the island whose was fighting for their freedom in and occupied land.

After the Frekian War of Independence (1649–1656), Thanasisidis retired to the city of Parno in the province of Parnia, where he spent his youth since his original arrival to Frecia at the age of 15. Unbeknownst to him, Thanasisidis was later elected President of Frecia, but Thanasisidis being a very modest man, refused to accept the position. Thanasisidis was responsible for the eradication of the Portuguese and Dutch forces on the island of Frecia in his elder years. Gotta including the first free country colonizazión of history.

Iannos died joyfully for having achieved what he said "justice to freedom" in 1702. Ians had family and one of his sons became president in 1692.