Ichibashi is the capital and largest of the planet Raijin. It is located in the northern hemisphere of the planet and serves as the planet's political, cultural, economic and industrial capital. Ichibashi is often known as the 'city of markets' due to its status as a commerce hub, it is also a major industrial base for Asahicorp. The city is the main spaceport and port of call for traders and unsavoury types from all across the Known Universe. Ichibashi is built between and up the side of the many ancient alien monoliths that dot Raijin. 

Ichibashi was settled in the 25th century when Raijin was colonised, it became the centre of the planet's new found wealth in the early days, however contributed to the planet's downfall into a corrupt industrial planet. Today the city remains as one of the most crime riddled, corrupt and dark metropolis, a hive for the black market and unsavoury types. The main gang in the city is the Yakuza, which effectively has its claws in all elements of the city's day to day business. 

Places of Interest

  • Club SparkThe most exclusive and dangerous nightclub in the city, used by the Yakuza as their main base of operations, and one of their main sources of revenue. Club Spark is infiltrated by the Crew of the Starfire when they become aware that a map segment has been stolen by the Yakuza. The club is thunder and lightning themed, reflecting Raijin's namesake, the Japanese Kami of Thunder and Lightning. 


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