Fireborn Ignis, named Ignis Walpurgis Natus, is a paladin of the flames.

Ignis Walpurgis Natus
Title Fireborn Ignis
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 17 years old
Affiliation Gautama
Occupation Paladin
Relations Vergil Natus (father), Amanda Walpurgis (mother), Glacie Jackson (childhood friend), Theodor de Ursa and Tenma Kazegami (teachers), Ryōra Drachen (former comrade), Quinlan Bellamy (lover), Azul (alter ego), Tenshi Keramat (rival)
Status Alive
Fighting Style Fire Sagecraft
Techniques Offensive:



First Appearance Chapter 2.5: Another Knight
Last Appearance Unknown
Theme Song


Height: Average.

Weight: Average.

Haircut: Mid Long.

Hair Color: Blond (red highlights).

Eye Color: Blue (red lenses).


During the Arc 1, Ignis wears a standard knight uniform (a male gothic version of a Scorpion Nip/Tuck Jacket and Savannah Pants) with New Rock 145 C1 boots and red eyeliner.


Born in April 30, 2727 at Star City to paladins Amanda Walpurgis and Vergil Natus, Ignis Walpurgis Natus became a knight at the age of 13 (very young), under the watch of Tenma Kazegami. He was born with a heart disease which worsens everytime he uses a large quantity of chi, and it is said that if he achieves a high level of his revelation, his chances of surviving are near to zero. Despite his condition, he still trains to be strong enough to avenge his lover, knight Quinlan Bellamy, who died of bloodloss after his fight with Tenshi Keramat.

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