'I would never go there, not unless our world itself could only be saved from its barren peaks. Even the great Ithin did not step there, for he feared what he had created. The island is a sanctuary for the dark forces now, a vast fortress of mountain and desert. No mortal man would survive a single step upon its surface.'

~Goskel (b.-57 d.5), Ithinist Tesecan Mage, known for his discoveries concerning Boundary Magic

Il-Soator is an island in the south of the Morecha East Sea in Keltia. It is different from the other islands and continents in the region for several reasons - the larger distance between it and the other islands, the fact that it is the only island not naturally inhabited by humans, the extreme climate of the island, and perhaps most crucially the perception that it is home to innumerable dark spirits and unholy entities.

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