Illium is a city on the Kelosian homeworld of Kelos. It serves as the capital for the Kelosian government, the Kelosian Republics.


Illium is an ancient Kelosian city, estimated to be built millions of years before the Kelosians mastered space travel. The oldest building being the Thessia Temple, which is now houses many ancient artifacts. The city grew rapidly when new races were contacted, it quickly became a inter-galactic hub for trading and banking aswell as transport, with the large space port.

Illium apparantly influenced Noveria on Earth, when the humans wished to build a city that could be compared to that of large ancient Kelosian cities, and be a cconomic hub.


Arnyas District

The Arnyas District is the heart of the Ilium Entertainment Industry. Aswell as the largest shopping centre in the city. The Arnyas District has rich history, also containing the Thessia Temple, which was built millions of years before the Kelosians mastered space travel.

Thessia Temple

Keenah'Breizh Plaza

The Keenah'Breizh Plaza is a memorail plaza for the first leader of the Kelosian Republics, Keenah'Breizh. Surrounded by many shops and entertainment facilities.

Bujari'Karih District

The Bujari'Karih District is a large residentiall district in the heart of Illium, adjacent to the Illium Exchange, and rhe Arnyas District.

Illium Exchange

The Illium Exchange is a large stock exchange, comprised of 5 trading floors. It is one of the largest exchanges in the Galaxy, along with Noveria Exchange in Noveria on Earth.

Dracon Trade Centre

The Dracon Trade Centre is a large shopping and trading centre in the Exchange District. Originally opened in 2098, it was destroyed after a terrorist attack in 2123, and re-opened in 2130.

Zorah Plaza

Zorah Plaza is a large tourist zone, comprised of multiple luxury hotels, aswell as many shops, and memorials, to Kelosian historical figures.

Outer Districts

The Outer districts are generally the residential areas, with some commerical businesses, also housing the Illium Commerical Space Port.

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