Imperial Amphibious Commandos
IAC insignia
Active 1 April 2264-present
Country The United Kingdom of Great Paangoon
Branch Imperial Paangoonian Navy
Type Naval Special Forces
Size Classified
Part of Paangoonian Imperial Armed Forces
Garrison/HQ Paangoonian Naval Base, Ername, Shyatland
Motto "In the water to serve the land"
Colors Violet
Alistair Saplast

Imamdos or Imperial Amphibious Commandos is the premier Frogman and underwater demolition unit of the Paangoonian Navy. The Unit's motto is "In the water to serve the land". Imamdos was officially established on April 2292 by Highking Coreto Cazzto help his campaign in Northern Shyatland. However, this special operations force was actually founded in 2264 by Keptan Merrick from the Imperial Navy Frogman School at Naval Base Lazuli Harbor. The Unit's main duties are underwater demolition, destroying main underwater installations, reconnaissance, prisoner snatches, and preparing beaches for larger naval amphibious operations.

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