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'Imit is the guild preoccupied with genetic engineering and modification. The Imitic mages modify the genes of flora, fauna and faera alike, and while most of their creations are limited to high-security underground labs in their primary guild hall, a few more amicable changes have been dispersed into the world, with features such as better crop yield and resistance to disease, etc. Imit also do husbandry work and this is the face that they traditionally show to commoners. Imit high magic is primarily concerned with human genetic modification (which may take decades to come to fruition), and so far some experiments have been successful, with various Imit masters and fellows being altered to some degree (though the Imit associates, since they interact with commoners, generally don’t get modified). As such much of the Imit community actually is from people who have been Imit since before birth. Later on in the story, the Imit are hit with a disaster, as a terrible viral plague is accidentally unleashed from their labs, and begins to mutate faera throughout the region, much of it dangerous, spurring many to view all Imit as an abomination (as if they hadn't already). Though, the Imit in their magical version of hazmat suits are the best suited to deal with the fallout. As a result of this disaster the Imit main guild hold is broken, and the guild is shunned by many other sects as being very irresponsible.

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