Immortals are beings who achieved Immortality.


There are three main types of immortals, the ones who age but don't die of trauma, the ones who don't age but suffer trauma and the ones who don't age and survive trauma.


The Immortal Clans are groups of immortals former mainly as a form of surviving the mortal inquisitions through time, the most known clans are:

  • Panacea - a clan of european alchemists;
  • Athanatoi - a clan of middle-eastern warriors;
  • Draconistrarum - originally, a family of royalty of the principality of Wallachia;
  • Xian - immortals once revered in china as divinities;
  • Lycan - a clan of werewolves.


Depending on the mean used to achieve immortality, mutations may occur. The known mutations are:

  • Vampirism: a state of immortality caused by the infiltration of vampiric mutagen on a mortal body. Vampires are hematophagous;
  • Lycanthropy: a state of immortality caused by the infiltration of lycan mutagen on a mortal body. Werewolves feel hunger almost all time and experience extreme anger every full moon;
  • Elderism: a state where the immortal ages until their bodies lose function (which may take several hundreds of years). It is a rare condition caused by being born son of an immortal and a mortal.

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