Imperatrice of the Grand Theocracy of Vasha
Seal of the Imperatrice of Vasha
Emblem of the Imperatrice
Sylvianne Villepreux.png
Sylvianne Villepreux

since 14 May 1933
Style Her Holiness the Venerated and Sanctified Imperatrice of the Grand Theocracy of Vasha and Chosen Vessel of Saint Vasha
Residence Grand Palace of Saint Vasha
Term length Life tenture
Inaugural holder Saint Vasha
Formation 15 June 1374
Last holder Lilianne Rondeaux
Salary 50,000

The Imperatrice of Vasha (French: Impératrice des Vasha, literally Empress of Vasha) is the all-powerful ruler of the Grand Theocracy of Vasha, and its 342.7 million subjects. She is the spiritual successor of Saint Vasha, the first leader of the theocracy and its patron saint. The Imperatrice is the absolute ruler, holding the ultimate authority in Vasha, and is the spiritual leader of the country as well as the leader of the its military forces.