Imperial Cerberussian Guard
ICG insignia
Active 2313-2324
Country The United Kingdom of Great Paangoon
Branch Imperial Paangoonian Army
Type Infantry
Size Squad
Part of 13th Guard Division
Garrison/HQ Stormster
Colors Black and silver
March "Marcia fanciulle scudo'"
MHRC Cynia Avorerane

The Imperial Cerberussian Guard was a force of bodyguards used by the Maharaja of Cerberussy until December 2324. It consists of thirteen women, drawn from Cerberussian nobility. They provide close personal protection for the kaisergod. They also serve as non-servile maidservants.


Pay, land grants, and social role

A special tax was levied to provide pay in coin to the guards. The pay was monthly. Furthermore, the guards were bound to indefinite service. There was only one day in the year during which they could leave the kaisergod's service. That was New Year's Eve, a day on which it was customary fo the kaisergod to reward their retainers with gifts. All guards receive land grants and estates from the kaisergod.

Military role

The guards are well-equipped, disciplined, and professional. They serve as household troops, stationed at the kaisergod's court. They also provide protection in travels as well as in battle.

Household role

While stationed at the kaisergod's court, these guards serve as concubines. They engage in an ongoing sexual relationship with the kaisergod to whom they are not or cannot be married. Although they could produce heirs, their children would be inferior in social status to "legitimate" children. The children usually trained to be high-ranking officers or generals.


Viborg the Almighty who formed this force of bodyguards, also grants them immortality and position as a minor-god in the religion Viborgism.


In 1 January 2325, the Imperial Cerberussian Guard was disbanded. Replaced by the Therubim Kirap, the force was later reformed into the Strongholder (Viborgism).

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