Imperial Guard of Ixania
Flag of Ixania
Flag of Ixania
Founded 7 November 624
Service branches Imperial Ixanian Army
Imperial Ixanian Navy
Imperial Ixanian Air Force
Imperial Ixanian Marine Corps
Imperial Strategic Rocket Corps
Headquarters N/A, Xanza
Tazen of Ixania Varsha Xo-Xevan
Minister of War Conaxa Xa-Rovaxa
Warmaster Zaka Xo-Zana
Military age 13–60
Conscription Mandatory for all men and women upon reaching 13 years of age
Available for
military service
54,157,806 males, age 13–60 (2012 est.),
50,282,827 females, age 13–60 (2012 est.)
Fit for
military service
48,579,552 males, age 13–60 (2012 est.),
41,433,049 females, age 13–60 (2012 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
1,496,787 males (2012 est.),
1,105,422 females (2012 est.)
Active personnel 1,758,443 (ranked 2nd)
Reserve personnel 2,350,604
Budget $125.548 billion (₳9.086 trillion)
Percent of GDP 1.73%
Domestic suppliers N/A
Annual exports Flag of North Korea North Korea
Flag of Iran Iran
Flag of Syria Syria
Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia
The Imperial Guard of Ixania (IGI) is the official military force of the Honorable Union of Ixania.