This is for Shnoowurfian History only. This will not happen. Actually, according to multiverse theory, it will... but it probably won't in your universe. If it does, you will hail me as a god! Mwahahaha! I mean, multiverse theory is cool. Heh. Heh. Heh. Heh...


  • Kazhakistan plots to take over all countries that end with 'stan'


  • The UN disbands due to persuasion by Kazhakistan and Italy.
  • Shnoowurf invites all presidents to a meeting, and several are assassinated.
  • Italy splits into Italy and Sicily.
  • Greece splits into Greece, Tsiviada, and North Greece.
  • Italy takes over Tunsia.
  • Libya takes over Algeria
  • Libya renames itself Ambarla
  • Indonesia splits in 29. I'm not going to say all the countries it split into.


  • Indonesia reunites under Pahb-o the MCCXXXIV
  • Tsiviada agrees to help Shnoowurf maintain secrecy
  • Kazhakistan takes over Kyrgyzistan
  • Kazhakistan takes over Turkmenistan
  • Kazhakistan takes over Uzbekistan


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