The Independent Organization for Scientific Advancement (IOSA or the Scientific Council) is a small nation located on the Azores Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The IOSA was founded in the aftermath of WWII, after certain scientific individuals viewed that normal nations were not organized enough to promote the advancement of technologies. The founders initially bought the Azores from Portugal, and then drafted a formal declaration of independence. Insulted by this, Portugal called for an international banning on the sovereignty of the IOSA. Most nations, however, supported the detachment of the Azores from Portugal, and the founding of the IOSA. Portugal eventually gave into the IOSA persuading, and granted its independence in 1968. By then, the settlement of the island by different groups of scientists had been at a large rate. Most of the settlers of the island were British, French, and German, while minorities of Spanish, Portuguese, American, Swiss, Italian, and Danish existed. Today, the Independent Organization for Scientific Advancement remains a small and flourishing nation. Methods used by the scientists allow for self sufficiency, while large scale research is still possible. Most of the national influence is put on research, while the government consists of a democratic council that runs most of the country. Small companies exist in the IOSA, but no large scale corporations are present. The IOSA is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world, with major spending going towards research and development. The goal of the IOSA is to focus global research on the nation, and to find solutions for existing problems in the world. The Devi Library in Core City is one of the largest in the world, with over fifteen million publications stored in the vaults and digitally. The current Chancellor of the IOSA is Professor Doctor Victoria Bartok.



Automated Defenses



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