Indigjanu (ழ்றுழுசி - Ind-erj-anoo)  is the the most prominent language spoken by Indigjens. Indigjanu is one of the official languages of the Sol Collective. Indigjanu can be written using the Yjashi Alphabet and the Latin Alphabet, in which it is known as Latinjanu. Indigjanu is a first language for over 5 billion Indigjens across the Solar System. 

Indigjanu sentences consist of a single 'word' which consists of Indigjanu words conjoined. A dot above a Yjashi character represents the beginning of a separate word within a word. Yjashi characters represent a particular sound.



The Yjashi Alphabet has been used to write Indigjanu for centuries, adopted from the Yjashi Language, which was formerly the most prevelent Indigjan language. The Yjashi Alphabet was adopted from Orajore remains found in Indəj before the Great Leap Forward. The alphabet was adopted as many believed it to be a holy language, sent by their god, Ujaxi. However it was later discovered that it originated from the Orajore civilisation millions of years ago, when Indigjanu scientists discovered the truth about the ruins found across the planet. 

(In comparison to Latin Alphabet order)

Letter Transliteration IPA
ழ்/ழ a /a/, /ah/
த்/த b /b/ /v/
ந்/ந c /c/ /k/
ப்/ப d /d/
ஞ்/ஞ ə (eer) /er/
ல்/ல f /f/ /v/
ற்/ற g /g/ 
ஹ்/ஹ /j/
ட்/ட h /h/
i /i/
க்ஷ்/க்ஷ k /k/
ஜ்/ஜ l /i/
ஸ்/ஸ m /m/
ஶ்/ஶ n /n/
o /o/ /oo/
ஷ்/ஷ p /p/
ந்/ந q /q/ /k/
வூ r /r/
ஞூ t /t/
ர்/ர v /v/
w /w/
ஞு x /x/
y /y/
லூ z /s/ /z/


Example Vocabulary

Word Meaning Pronunciation
௮ஶபஞஹழஶ௶ Indigjanu. Indej (Venus) + Janu (Speak) Ind-erj-anoo
ஹழஶ௶ Speak/Language  Janoo
௮ஶபஞஹ Venus (Indigjen homeworld) Ind-erj
௮ஶபஞஹஞஶ Indigjen Ind-erj-enoo
ஞஶ௶ People/Folk eer-ran-ooo
I am Xen-je-woo
Jiku Name Ji-koo
Ziyehe Please Zii-yehay
  • I am and Indigjen =  Indəjen'xenjwu (ind-erj-enoo-zen-je-woo) 
  • My name is Tjarook =   Tjarook'xenjwu'jiku (thar-ook-zen-je-woo-jik-oo)
  • Please Take Us To  =  Tatəjuwuh'indtjarenja'ziyehe.... (tat-er-joo-wuh-in-thar-enja-zii-yehay)

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