Indii-Pendant News (IPN) is a television and paper based news organization that is owned by the Indii-Pendant Media Group. Indii-Pendant News has an intersolar audience and is considered one of the most viewed stations and read papers in Artemis. It has employees in most regions bar those where there is little media freedom. IPN is headquartered in Frafila City, Indii, where it also broadcasts and publishes from.

Notable news excerpts

Tricameralization of the Federal Gathering


Yomez Smoth

The Federal Gathering today voted on and approved the Tricameral Federal Gathering Act, which, when the Chancellor signs it into law, will transform the unicameral 1000 member house into three chambers, the upper Council of Administrators, the middle Chamber of Overseers and the lower House of Representatives. Controversy surrounding the tricameralization of the Federal Gathering has been widespread over the past few years with many stating that such a move would only put more power in the hands of the federal government.

Critics, especially from Neith and Meztil, have raised concerns over the legality of the Bill, however, the Gathering Charter Committee found that there existed no legal obstructions to the measure and that the house proper could proceed to vote on it. Representatives threatened an absent quorum, however, most attended, hoping they could defeat the Bill. The Tricameral Act passed 661 to 339, with mostly Neithians and Meztilians voting against. The Tiaanese came in third place to most against.

The implications of the Bill are widespread for the political dynamic of the Federation. The Council of Administrators would act as a federal court which settles disputes between the interstates and states. The Chamber of Overseers would essentially act as an oversight board for the entirety of the federal government, however can be called upon by state or interstate governments to intervene in local issues. These are only some of the provisions of the Bill which, especially the Neithians, have come to criticize.

Chancellor Aol is expected to sign the Bill into law within the next two weeks, whereafter, as provided for in the Bill, the Gathering will undergo a six month transition period wherein elections for new seats will be held, and the two extra houses filled according to their own procedure.

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