For generations, the Indocti have tried to spoil the beauty of our city by their constant waves of attack. It is only through the formidable power of the Legion of Nect that we keep these barbarians away. They are savages, barbaric and foolish, and mark a symbol of what will come should we stray from the path of civilisation.

- An extract from 'Beyond Umbriorr' by Auctor Latrun, historian

The Indocti are the barbarian hordes which, according to Nect, constantly attack the city of Arbitor. It is believed that the Indocti largely populate the planet of Repec.


The Indocti have attacked Arbitor for centuries, knowing that many delicious treasures remain inside, although they have never successfully broken into the city. The closest occasion was during the Fall of Civilisation, when the rising power of the barbarian hordes nearly broke through Arbitor's defences. It was only due to the formation of Nect and the construction of Umbriorr that they were kept out.

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