This page is about the nation, for the landmass see Infisolsia (landmass)

Infisolsia is a de facto sovereign state located on the landmass of the same name. The nation has no official government, but its boundaries are internationally recognized by the {insert world government/collection of nations here}. The nation is an island state, and it borders {insert ocean names here}.

Infisolsia is a de facto nation, meaning that it only exists in fact rather than existing with an official government or system of law. It is essentially an anarchist state ruled by a socioeconomic system known as an Epithymocracy, a system which values the desire of the individual as the purpose of life. To fulfill that desire is to become powerful in either ones self or in actuality within the nation. This system has created an order through which certain individuals of wealth, beauty, or creativity have become the most powerful individuals in the nation, and persons which are not in ownership of these adjectives strive to reach this goal to become powerful. The isolation of the country for thousands of years has led to the creation of a cycle in which the powerful rise and fall within their lifetime, and are replaced with people who have reach similar objectives as their predecessors to become equally as powerful in their place. The nation's culture is one based on generational trends which fade after a period of ten years, though these trends constantly repeat themselves to establish a culture that can be seen as constant with the nation's people.

Infisolsia has a developed entirely capitalist economy which is based on a system of unregulated consumerism and corporatism. The nation is entirely industrialized, though most industry is devoted domestically, and the nation has very little exports. The nation's corporations are entirely unregulated and have grown to encompass major parts of the economy. Small business exists in poorer and less populated areas of the country, as the large urban agglomerations are largely home to many corporations that cater to many different products through a monopolized system which has been created by a culture based on pure desire. While there are many currently existing corporations in the country, the ability of a person to create a new corporate entity that becomes successful is based entirely on the ability of that person to market their goods.

Infisolsia is a recognized sovereign entity despite the absence of a formal government. Order is kept within the nation through its socioeconomic cultural system, and thus the natural stability of the country is recognized as its legitimate ability to rule. Through a system of collectivism, international relations are maintained generally by the ability of the powerful to upkeep relations with foreign bodies. As a result, the nation is generally well received on a world level and maintains effective international relations through the {insert imminently existing world government}.

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