Intendentziako Erakundea Indar Armatuak
Armed Forces Logistics Organization
Agency overview
Formed 2003
Jurisdiction Euskadi
Headquarters Barakaldo, Euskadi
Employees 4,800
Agency executive Karolina Iraizoz Lacroix, Director
Parent agency Defentsa-Sailburua

The Intendentziako Erakundea Indar Armatuak (IEIA) is the name of the merged procurement and support organisation within the Euskadiko Indar Armatuak. It came into being on 9 April 2003, bringing together the Defentsa-Sailburua's Defence Procurement Agency and the Defence Logistics Organisation under the leadership of Rear Admiral Markos Basteguieta Ortiz as the first Chief of Defence Materiel. The new organisation have a civilian and military workforce of around 4,800 (80 per cent civilian and 20 per cent military), in Euskadi and abroad.

Mission statement

The IEIA mission is: "To equip and support Euskadiko Indar Armatuak for operations now and in the future."


An effective logistics organisation is essential if the operational units of the Euskadiko Indar Armatuak are to succeed in their tasks. The Intendentziako Erakundea Indar Armatuak have a key role to play in this task. Round the clock, all year round, IEIA provide logistic support in the shape of transport, materiel supply, maintenance and a range of services, largely in connection with service units.

When IEIA provides support for operational units on missions abroad, they work closely from the very beginning, right through until the job is done. When the mission has been completed, IEIA ensures that the logistic chain is maintained all the way home to Euskadi.

IEIA is also in charge for the acquisition of materiel and military equipment according with the units specifications and the Defentsa-Sailburua directives.

The tasks of the Armed Forces also include providing support to the civil community in the event of serious crises such as forest fires, storms and flooding. IEIA is always ready to assist in such situations.

Major active projects

EIA Future Army Vehicles

EIA Future Navy Platforms

EIA Future Air Platforms

Open procurement processes

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