Interex Security Forces
ISF Supression Mission
Members of the ISF suppressing urban unrest
Founded 18 July 1962
Service branches Interex Land Guard
Interex Air Guard
Interex Home Guard
Headquarters Interex City
Commander-in-Chief Ryan Joiner
Military age 13 - 65
Conscription No
Available for
military service
~7,500,000, age 13 - 65 (2012)
Fit for
military service
~6,000,000, age 13 - 65 (2012)
Reaching military
age annually
~700,000 (2012)
Active personnel

500,000 active forces

  • 375,000 Land Guard
  • 75,000 Air Guard
  • 50,000 Home Guard
Reserve personnel 1,250,000
Deployed personnel Unknown
Budget $281.250 billion (suspected)
Percent of GDP 15% (suspected)
Domestic suppliers Scorpio Arms Corporation
Interex Aerospace Industries
Gemini Electric Engineering

The Interex Security Forces are the official military forces deticated to the protection of the integrity of Interex. Consisting of some 500,000 troops, the ISF is not large by the current standards of the world and its many powers. However, back by some of the most advanced technology on Earth, the ISF is capable of punching far beyond its size, and possesses the ability to strike far beyond their landlocked country. Little infomation in regards to the training and location of ISF bases exist outside of Interex's borders, but given the nation's position between India and China, and the strategic importance of their location to China (two of their autonomous provinces can be connected through Interex), and the cultural value to India, the ISF stands on the same level as many of the current superpowers of the today.

The Interex Security Forces are divided into three branches; the Land Guard, Air Guard, and Home Guard, each of which fulfills a certain duty within the military. These forces are further divided into more branches specialized for certained missions, such as the Interex Armored Infantry, which excels in spearheading attacks on enemy positions, and possess some of the finest military technology avaliable within Interex. Today, the capablities of th ISF are unknown to the rest of the world, and the current budget to maintain and supply it are classified even within Interex, though it can be assumed that it is a large sum of the nation's GDP.