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Interguild Proliferation Tribunal

The Interguild Proliferation Tribunal, also called the Tribunal or IPT, is an inter-guild council that tries those believed responsible for proliferation of secrets.

After the confessors have completed their investigation, the IPT holds trials and doles out sentences for "proliferation crimes". In many cases, the confessors would have already obtained all the proof necessary, in which case the IPT acts as merely in the capacity of granting an official "seal of approval" when it hands down the verdict. In many cases, members of the maging community will already know what the verdict will be. As a general rule, an excuse that one developed the spell on their own (that just "happened" to be the same as that of the guilds') is not considered an excuse to the Tribunal.

Law-Enforcement Powers

As an arm of the United Guilds, the IPT has the power to summon all the guilds into a guild war against any one guild found to be sheltering secretstealers as determined by a verdict of the IPT. In the most recent several centuries of Lorica's history, this has only had be sentenced once, to devastating effect (in that guild war, a guild was utterly annihilated and all its secrets absorbed by the six remaining guilds). Nowadays, members of all the guilds are afraid to challenge the rulings of the Tribunal, and are deathly afraid to doing anything that might be perceived as "obstruction of investigation" by the Tribunal.

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