International Order of Socialist States
Full members
Observer members
Suspended members
Former members
Motto Workers of the World Unite!
Formation 10th June 1992
Type Security, economic and political organisation
Purpose/focus To further the ends of socialism around the globe
Headquarters 20px London, Britannia
Flag of Cuba Havana Cuba
FlagofPenda Brikkstö, Westland
Official languages English, Westlandic, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Lao
Chairman FlagofPenda Kaska Vastmann
General Secretary Jonas Mantashe

The International Order of Socialist States (IOSS) is an international economic, political and military organisation consisting of self-identifying Socialist states across the world. Founded in 1992 after the fall of the USSR by Westland, Britannia, Cuba, and Chile, the organisation has grown to encompass almost all of the self identified socialist states including Laos, North Vietnam, Morocha and Northern Italy as well as several non-socialist states that are ruled by socialist parties.

The IOSS has become instrumental during the Second Cold War representing a third interest, and one of the three major powerhouses of the international conflict, alongside NATO/TPAC and the SCO.


After the fall of the USSR and the dissolution of Comecon the socialist leaders of Westland, Britannia, Cuba and the United Socialist Commonwealth met in London to discuss the possibility of an economic union of socialist states who would support each other, as well as aim to further human rights and ensure world peace. In 1992 the International Order of Socialist States were formed with British Prime Minister Annabell Wilbur appointed as its first Chairperson.

Member states


State Type Join Date
Flag of Angola Republic of Angola Full
Flag of Benin Republic of Benin Observer
25px Commonwealth of Britannia Full
Flag of Bolivia Plurinational State of Bolivia Full
Flag of Bulgaria Republic of Bulgaria Observer
Flag of Chile Republic of Chile Full
Flag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of China Suspended
Flag of Cuba Republic of Cuba Full
Flag of Ecuador Republic of Ecuador Full
Flag of the SRI Socialist Republic of Italy Full
25px Falklandic People's Socialist Republic Full
Flag of the Democratic Republic of Turkey Democratic Republic of Turkey Observer
Flag of Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic Full
Flag of Mongolia Republic of Mongolia Full
Flag of Morocha Morochan People's Republic Full
Flag of Nicaragua Republic of Nicaragua Observer
Flag of Nepal Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Full
Flag of Paraguay Republic of Paraguay Observer
Flag of Peru Republic of Peru Observer
FlagofPenda Westlandic People's Republic Full
Flag of Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Full
Flag of Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam Full


Flag Name Joining date Leaving date
Flag of Sharqistan Sharqistan 4th March 1993 29th March 2013