International Quay viewed from Colston Avenue.

International Quay is a major business and entertainment district located on Spike Island in Bristol. It is the Central Business District of the city, and contains most of Wessex and Cornwall's tallest buildings, including the tallest, 4 Sydney Row, also known as The Wedge.  International Quay is the product of a major redevolopment of Bristol which began in 1996. It was estimated to add Billions to the country's economy and improve the quality of life considerably. The Quay was initially completed in

Construction on the International Quay in 2001.

2006, and extends from Baltic Wharf to Bathurst Marina, and contains upscale shopping, and entertainment complex in the Flame Towers, new residential areas, several hotels, offices and the headquarters of seveal major corporations, such as Green Energy giant, EDF Energy. 

The development is eco-friendly, and conserves some of Bristol's historical buildings in its area, such as the former Dockyards, which is now a museum, gallery, and resturaunt, and the SS Great Britain's site, which has been improved considerably. 

Current Buildings and Structures

Completed Buildings over 60 Metres

Ranking by height Name Height Floors Completion date Commentary
Metres Feet
1 4 Sydney Way, The Wedge 225 738 48 2004 The Wedge is a 48 story skyscraper currently in use by the 
2 Flame Towers 190 (x3) 620 (x3) 33 2006 Residential and Entertainment Complex, contains Upscale Apartments in towers, and an iMAX Cinema, Shopping Centre, and Concert Venue in the Base Complex. 
3 20 Cumberland Road, EDF Tower 1998 Currently Serving as the EDF Energy headquarters. Also referred to as 'The Log.' 
4 17 Cumberland Road, Tower 17 2003 The tower is also called Tower 17, and the 'Walkie-Talkie' due to its mobile phone like design. Currently used as offices by several companies, including the Royal Kernow Bank.
5 1 Gasferry Road, Gasferry Tower 1998 The tower was among the first buildings to be completed in International Quay, and is currently used by several companies including Aardman Animations. 
6 10 Liberty Gardens, Tower 10 


Tower used as a second location for the Central Bank of Wessex and Cornwall and Bristol Register Offices. 

Other Notable Buildings

Transport Links


Bristol Metro

National Rail


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