Inyodagnar Sartyer
A-Andale Onyodan
Innatyat Sardot
Eníadamna Saria
Ac-Anajle Oìnnodan
Egniadana Sarèa
Official languages Ivnastic, Lebestic, Garsabenic, Agavaxic, Pan-Gerbestyese, Balgonseyic
Other languages over 100
Area 3,220,092 km²
Capital Cattan
Chansellor of Union
Federal republic
Kaminan ban-Manyat

Inyodã is a federal republic on continent of Lapland. It is characterized by its totally democratic form of government, which is almost unique on the continent, modernization and being the northern extreme of Botnian sphere of cultural influence.


Inyodã is mountainous, especially in the north.

Some of the tallest mountains:

  • Halyatnan Tempan, 25154 m
  • Sagnandenan Tempan, 18729 m
  • Dagsalarinan Tempan, 18938 m
  • Rahviban Tempan, 16506 m
  • Audagastnan Tempan, 10956 m
  • Bihocernan Tempan, 10866 m

The names are in their Ivnastic forms, as English language normally uses them.


  • Bichad (Pan-Gerbestyese: Ac-Bichde)
  • Bouchoy (Pan-Gerbestyese: Ac-Bûchoje, Garsabenic: Bücum)
  • Leatta (Pan-Gerbestyese: Et-Leatta, Garsabenic: Liattot)
  • Gerbest (Pan-Gerbestyese: Ac-Gerbestje)
  • Roab (Pan-Gerbestyese: Et-Roabi)
  • Garsabon (Garsabenic: Garïsabum)
  • Lebest (Lebestic: A-Lebest)
  • Naggil (Lebestic: A-Nagail)
  • Nunnia (Agavaxic: Nunnía, Lebestic: E-Nunno)
  • Beldabuma (Agavaxic: Beldabuma)
  • Vuoteia (Agavaxic: Vuoteía)
  • Federal District (Ivnastic: Inyodagnã Asarattea Priedã)
  • Ovnaiã (Ivnastic: Ovnaiã)
  • Muocca (Balgonseyic: Moica, Ivnastic: Muokeiã)
  • Balgonta (Balgonseyic: Balgonta)

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