The Inzecti Network (formerly the Empire of Zectus) is a powerful empire that stretches over nine solar systems along the edge of the Dendrius galaxy. It is ruled by the powerful Inzecti.
Inzecti Network
Capital City New Zectus City
Currency Zectus pound
Population 40 billion
Official Language(s) Zectusian


The Network was formed after it was decided that the Inzecti were entering a new era and needed to be shown this. It was renamed after the Empire successfully colonised a planet in a third solar system. After it was officially reformed, the Inzecti colonised many more planets as well as launching many successful invasions.


Upon its formation, the Network set three targets for itself:

  1. Maintain peace on the Inzecti Network's current planets.
  2. Eliminate any species that proves to be a threat.
  3. Take control of the entire outer areas of the Dendrius galaxy.