The Honourable Iram John Wanitogo, (born 30 May 1948) is a famous native Kruzean journalist and public servant. He is the current Lord President of the High Council, the nation's parliament, making him the head of state of the Kruz Islands.


Iram Wanitogo was born in the small village of Matawan, Little Kruz Island, on 30 May 1948. He was the third of ten children. Iram was brought up in quite a poor farmer's family. His first language is Kruzean, he learned English at school. A very bright pupil, Iram went to Manawonga University, Honga City, in 1968, to study Kruzean litterature and history. A few years later he became a Kruzean language teacher in Panza Town high school, Eastern Barnava. In 1974, he quitted his job to be a journalist instead. He became chief editor of the Panza Gazette, the local newspaper.


In 1976, he joined the Kruzean Freedom Movement and was elected Mayor of Panza Town. Wanitogo's main goals were to improve the teaching of Kruzean Language in schools and defend native rights.

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