Irkutsk Republic(en)

Ирку́тская Республики Irkutskaya Respubliki (ru)

Flag of Irkutsk Rep Coat of Arms of Irkutsk Rep.
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Official language Russian
Demonym TBA
- President
Republic of Lapland
Tam Tomskaya
Legislature Self-Governing Subject
Formation 19 April 1993
Area 767,900 km2
Population 10,537,678
per capita
(£751.769 billion) $691.534 billion

Irkutsk Republic(Russian:Ирку́тская Республики Irkutskaya Respubliki) commonly Irkutsk is a federal subject(republic) of Lapland located within Siberia. Irkutsk is the second-largest federal subject in Lapland(after Krasnoyarsk Krai) and has the 10th largest population(with 10,537,678). The Administrative center is Irkutsk city.

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