Islamic Republic Army
Tawhidi troops during transport
Tawhidi soldiers in Afghanistan
Active 24 October 1979 - Present
Country Flag of Tawhid Islamic Republic of Tawhid
Type Army
Size 2,000,000 Active personnel
2,750,000 Reserve
4,750,000 total strength
Part of Islamic Republic Security Forces
Motto "Courage in the face of adversity"
Colors Green & Red
Commander-in-Chief Ali Khamenei
Commander Gen. Karim Amirsadeghi

The Islamic Republic Army (IRA) is the ground force of the Islamic Republic Security Forces. It is called Artesh, (ارتش) by the Iranian leaders of the Islamic Republic of Tawhid, the word itself being Persian for army. As of 2011, the army had total strength of 2,000,000, with an additional 2,750,000 reservists, making for a total of 4,750,000 personnel. Conscripts (who number some 140,000 troops), serve for 18 months and have professional military training. Tawhid has two parallel land forces with some integration at the command level: the regular Artesh (Army), and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, or the Pasdaran (IRG).



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