Islamic Republic Security Forces
قوای انتظامی جمهوری اسلامی (Persian)
الجمهورية الإسلامية قوات الأمن (Arabic)
Tawhidi soldiers in Iraq
Tawhidi soldiers on patrol in Iraq
Current form 24 October 1979
Service branches Islamic Republic Army
Islamic Republic Navy
Islamic Republic Air Force
Islamic Revolutionary Guard
Headquarters Tehran, Islamic Republic of Tawhid
Commander-in-Chief Ali Khamenei
Military age 18 - 40
Conscription Yes
Available for
military service
256,138,415, age 13 - 65 (2012)
Fit for
military service
229,537,099, age 13 - 65 (2012)
Reaching military
age annually
1,423,441 (2012)
Active personnel 2,500,000
Reserve personnel 3,000,000
Budget $543.092 billion
Percent of GDP 4.4%
Domestic suppliers Defense Industries Organization
Iran Aviation Industries Organization
Aerospace Industries Organization
Iran Electronics Industries
Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation
Gölcük Naval Shipyard
The Islamic Republic Security Forces (IRSF) are the sole military force operating with the Islamic Republic of Tawhid, providing security for the country and its assets. With a force of more than five million personnel in active service, the Tawhidi military is one of the largest in the world, and maintains a number of military bases in numerous countries to protect allies and resources. At the head of the military is the Supreme Leader of Tawhid, currently Ali Khamenei. He alone possess the right to declare war or peace, though in his steed, he appoints a minister to handle the peace-time duties of the military, which include patrolling the borders, maintaining internal security, and aiding the civilian population during environmental disasters, as well as contributing manpower to public work projects. The current Minister of Defense is Bayar Al-Fanari, a former politician from the state of Turkey.