Isle of souls
The Isle of Souls is a small island located in the center of the Inland Sea. Created during the plan by Robert Bell to create the irrigation system it was developed as a final resting place for Oceania's fallen soldiers, politicians, Secretaries and Prime Ministers; it was however opened to any citizen of the United Socialist Commonwealth to be laid to rest together with his or hers country.

Built in 1931, it was originally the highest point of Lake Eyre and before irrigation could take place the Prime Minister created a massive network of catacombs beneath the point- the were dug beneath the stone of the point and reinforced it contains nearly 600 miles of corridors and contains a river system known as the "River of Styx". Bell was seen as superstitious and believed in a higher power; being a secretly practicing Roman Catholic. With the halls are rooms set aside for 'soul gatherings' which are believed to have been the dancing and partying rooms for the dead. In the late month of October citizens gather around the lake to set fires to attract them to the shores so that they may see their loved ones on Halloween. On November 1st, a massive fire is set ablaze on the island to attach the souls back to their resting. The island is commonly assorted with Bell and his curse.

Funeral rites for those wishing to join the islands numbers is a national tradition documented in the governments Ministry of Culture;

The ritual begins with the family wishing to have the body taken to shores of the Inland Sea, were the family shall hold a eulogy for the departed soul. A bonfire will be set ablaze, offerings be set with the body and will be drifted off to the island with candles following around the boat- the family will watch from the shore as their departed family member is taken. Once the body has arrived to the island, the groundskeepers will take the body into the catacombs onto the River of Styx and to an appropriate holding bloc were they shall be laid to rest. In honor of the soul, a single candle will be lit for the night of their first stay. Family members are allowed to journey to the island freely and may see their loved ones.

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