The Issanic Creation Myth refers to the polytheistic religion of the Issan Kingdom and some of the Halarian Empire. It involves the Levels of Creation, and the "circle of life".

Levels of Creation

The Levels of Creation, are the 9 levels of the cycle of life. While they have, by their very nature, no first and last level, the most common order is:

  • Silil (Water/Fire)
  • Helil (Insects)
  • Maril (Fish)
  • Eithel (Animals)
  • Hadarel (Humans)
  • Hiyel (Low Gods)
  • Mariyel (Middle Gods)
  • Amariyel (High Gods)
  • Halel (Auras)

There are 4 Halel, which have existed for all of time. There are 14 Amariyel, who were created by the Halel. The Amariyel are split into the Ondor and the Halkin. All suffering is said to be caused by an imbalance between the two, if one group gains power over the other.

There are 30 Mariyel, who were created by the Halel. The Hiyel are the descendants of the Mariyel. Hadarel, Eithel, Maril and Helil were created by the High Gods, while Silil was created by the Halel.


The 14 Amariyel each represent something different. The Amariyel are:

Name Gender God of
Samar Male Life
Hiyer Male Death
Elkan Female Love
Tsonta Female Birth
Tsaki Female Knowledge
Ilkar Male Hunting and food
Katsin Female Warmth
Tsitra Female Light
Tsi Male Bravery
Ayil Male Strength
Matar Male Weather
Maru Male Power
Simi Female Beauty
Tsena Female Clothing

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