This article is part of The Next Renaissance
This empire is member of G20
The Italian Nation
Italian flag (MultiChronos)
Part of The Next Renaissance
Demonym Italia
Tier level Tier 1+
Kardashev Scale Tier IV, V depend on world to world, galaxy to galaxy
Core galaxy Miriandynus
Population (Current era) Countless
Notable for

Diplomatic, peaceful, aiding those in need
War of Three Crowns participant
Member of G20
Third great power rose after the Diaspora

Governing body
Government Constitutional monarchy
Ruler Emperor
Ruling body Senate
Founding members Independent Mediterranean-traced settlers, with supports from various Italian empires in other realms, notably is League of Italian States from Dystopian Wars.
Current ruler Kanade Amakusa from Nokome's realm
Archetype Shaman
Capital world Drevetov
Capital city Vasello
Alignment Neutral Good
Military Italian Command
Currency Gothic clorling
Location Covering majority of EUROPA's Southward space
Current status Expanding

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