Iwan Rheon Rosewarne
Prince Royal
Iwan in 2013
Born 19 June 1989
Bath, Wessex
Residence Bath
Nationality Wessex and Cornish
Alma mater University
Occupation Prince, Singer/Songwriter
Years active 2006-
Parent(s) Anna II
George, Duke of Avon
Relatives John, Duke of Cornwall
Anna III, Princess Royal.
Iwan, Prince Royal (Iwan Rheon Rosewarne, Born 19 June 1989) is the youngest son of Anna II, and George, Duke of Avon. Iwan is the last in the line of succession, John, Duke of Cornwall being the first, followed by Anna III, Princess Royal

Iwan has an established music career, and one of Wessex and Cornwall's biggest international stars, signed to Avalon Records, releasing three albums since 2006. Iwan has been known not to take his royal role seriously and brands himself as commoner, whilst doing a large amount of work for Charity. 


Iwan was born in Bath on the 19 June 1989 to Anna II and George, Duke of Avon, as the youngest and last son. Attending Bathwick Primary School, and later King Edward's School as his Grandfather had done. Following this, Iwan went on to study Music at Bristol University. Iwan currently lives in Bath with his Girlfriend, Jasmine Greenwood. 

Music Career


Iwan has had a successful music career following his debut album, Tongue Tied, release in 2006 through Avalon Records. Iwan had been singing, playing the guitar and writing music since the age of 16. Iwan is currently one of the most popular singing stars in Wessex, and one of the country's major international stars. Reaching number 1 in 2006, and 2008 in Wessex and Cornwall, Great Britain and the Netherlands.


  • 2006: Tongue Tied EP, Avalon Records
    • Happy Again
    • Follow Me
    • Tongue Tied
    • Simple Song
  • 2008: Changing Times, Avalon Records
    • Changing Times
    • Out of this World
    • Falling
    • Sink
  • 2012: Bang Bang, Avalon Records
    • Bang Bang
    • Block
    • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Titles and Arms

Iwan's official title is Iwan, Prince Royal. However, like the rest of the Royal Family, each have a lesser title in the Wessen Language. Iwan's lesser title is Iwan, Ealdor Cƿelic.