Ixanian Fascist Party
Parti fasciste ixanique
Chairperson Zéphyrin l'Noir
Slogan Protéger nos valeurs
Founded 24 May 1932
Youth wing Dionic Youth
Membership  (2012) 13,458,239

Fascism, Dionic democracy,

Political position Far-right
Religion Dionism
Official colours Black (official)
1 / 1
Ixanian General Assembly
250 / 250
The Ixanian Fascist Party (IFP) is one of the major political parties in the Republic of Atlion. Based out of the state of Ixania, the IFP is a staunch conservative party, which supports jingoism, heavy industry, and anti-LGBT movements. The party is a far-right wing political force, and greatly favors capitalism and de-regulation of corporate activities. The IFP was founded in 1932, and consumed the numerous parties of Ixania as it was chosen by the politicians of that state as the champion of Ixanian views and demands. Governor Zéphyrin l'Noir of Ixania is the current leader of the party, gaining the position following his rise as governor of Ixania. The governor is always the leader of the IFP.