Ixanian blacksteel is the name given to a type of steel produced in the Honorable Union of Ixania. Unique for its black hue, Ixanian blacksteel is light but extremely durable, currently considered by far the most durable type of steel known to man. While it is widely used throughout Ixania for constructing buildings, military vehicles, and airplanes, it is best known for its use in making the famous Ixanian armors and weapons still worn by Ixanian warriors today thanks to its lightweight and remarkable bulletproofing, one of the reasons Ixania has been and continues to manufacture its ancient armor and weapons for military usage.

Found only in Ixania, the Ixanian blacksteel is produced using the unique composition of iron ore mined from the mountains of Ixania, and several unknown elements used to harden and lighten the weight of the steel. Upon completion, when used in swordmaking, Ixanian blacksteel maintains a permanent sharp and resilient edge, and also possesses the ability to sharpen itself. The shimmering jet black color of the steel is unknown, but the already dark color of Ixanian ore is suspected of playing a role in the color of the steel.

The steel on a microscopic level, consists of many nanotubes and nanowires, which modern-day scientists have been unable to reproduce. Coveted for its strength and near indestructiablity, Ixanian blacksteel has been the target of many attempted and failed robberies by the West, and enemies of Ixania.

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