The Ixhal (pronounced E-shall) is one of the three main tribes that makes up the Hiluxian Empire.


Great temple ixhal

The Ixhal were a people who lived north of the Telzeco River (Yixoc River in the Ixhal language) in the continent of Thietia. Their ancestors arrived there around 10,000 BC and remained quite isolated, living in jungle huts. Around 4300 they began stone working and by 3800 were building large monuments. Ixhal, their capital, was constructed before 3600 and was known to be a lush paradise city. Built in a clearing in the deep jungles, it was full of architectural wonders and was the most modern city of its age. It was famous through much of Thietia as one of the great wonders of the age. During the Ixhal renaissance (3800-2700) they were so well developed in art, architecture, public works and technology they were by far the most advanced society in Pangam-Pangat.

In 2050 the old Ixhal king had died and there was a power struggle between his sons. This turned into a full civil war. In the midst of this fighting the Imperial Hiluxian army marched into Ixhal to subdue the rebellion and control the area (ca. 2440). By this time craftsmanship was poorer than it had been in over 100 years and their great cities and monuments had deteriorated. After being conquered by the Hiluxians, the Ixhal began to experience normality in their life. By 2300 the Hiluxians had begun rebuilding Ixhal and other cities. New architectural styles emerged and from 2250-2100 the city experienced a second golden age, though it was outshone by their first renaissance.

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