Ixhal in all its splendor

Ixhal (pronounced E-shall) is a very old city in Thietia.



Ixhal was constructed before 3600 by the Ixhal peoples. Built in a clearing in the deep jungles, it was full of architectural wonders and was the most modern city of its age. It soon became known to be a lush paradise city and even the Hilux had heard stories of it, which they saw as an earthly heaven. Ixhal entered a golden age around 3000 BC, where craftsmanship and construction flourished. In 2520 the old king had died and there was a power struggle between his two sons. This turned into a full civil war. In the midst of this fighting the Imperial Hiluxan army marched into Ixhal to subdue the rebellion and control the area (ca. 2440). By then, much of Ixhal was burnt down, its people were in disarray and its magnificent temples and monuments had deteriorated in over 80 years on infighting. Only until 2391 did the Hiluxians conquer Ixhal. By 2300 the Hiluxians had begun rebuilding Ixhal. New architectural styles emerged and from 2250-2100 the city experienced a second golden age.

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