Izbat Docks from Above

Izbat Docks Spaceport is the primary spaceport for Eastern Sahara, located in Izbat Muhammed Abu Ilyan East of the capital, Cairo. The Docks are the primary trading, refuelling and transport centre for Eastern Sahara. Ships visiting are mostly transport cargo vessels, which are normally in bad shape. Passengers often pay for rides on transport ships as freelance operators normally welcome extra money.


The port is laid out in a huge flat area, surrounded by Warehouses and transport centres. There are no preset docking spaces, and ships generally land where there is free space, which makes it dangerous for workers and passengers. The Docks are normally in Chaos, full of ships and cargo containers, the port is often a favourite for freelance operators, due to the low docking fees. Visiting ships are normally small to medium cargo and transport vessels, with the odd passenger liner. Markets are often set up on the docks trading goods or even animals.

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