Jónatan Kobidson
Jonatan Kobidson
Official portrait of Jónatan Kobidson
Born June 13, 1499
Eyklójyár, Kobidar
Died November 29, 1567
Vaastväk, Kobidar
Resting place Vaastväk Royal Cemetery
Nationality Kobin
Predecessor King Hinrik
Successor King Jónatan II
Children Jónatan Jónatanson, Ásta Jónatandottir
Parent(s) Kobid Bergson, Ásta Dórdottir
Awards National Hero of Kobidar Award
 Jónatan Kobidson was a Kobin King and Revolutionary Leader who freed Kobidar from the oppressive rule of King Hinrik

Early Life

Jónatan was born in 1499 in the village of Eyklójyár, to Kobid Bergson, the Governor of the village. Kobidson was raised humbly, and became one of the most well liked people in Eyklójyár, due to his modesty and charisma. Kobidson always dreamed of becoming a soldier and got his chance when he turned 18.

Military Service

Under King Davíð

Kobidson was appointed to the Royal Guard of King Davíð, thanks to his father's political connections. Kobidson served in the Royal Guard well, once saving the King's life from a passing carriage, pulling King Davíð out of the path of a speeding carriage just as he was to be hit. Kobidson was rewarded for his efforts, and became one of the King's most loyal friends.

Under King Henrik

When King Davíð died in 1529, his son, King Hinrik took control of the country. Hinrik was a cruel and merciless man, who executed 35 men just for farming on his land. When Kobidson objected to the King's methods, he was demoted to a mere foot soldier. Kobidson left Hinrik's army, and started a revolutionary movement.

Uprising of 1536

Attack at Vaastväk

Attack at Vaastväk

By 1535, Kobidson had massed close to 3,000 armed followers. Kobidson made the first move of the war by attacking Hinrik's royal carriage as it left Vaastväk. Kobidson captured the King, and set him free, making him swear to change his ways. Hinrik abided by his promise for about 2 months, and then attacked one of Kobidson's strongholds. Kobidson retaliated, by taking the city of Tràsvalünd, a main base of operations for the King. Kobidson then convinced the towns of Oddrsur and Reyðajör to join his cause. Hinrik, heavily outnumbered, hid in his castle at Vaastväk. Kobidson made one final attack at Vaastväk, leading the charge and taking the city. Kobidson then cast off Hinrik in a raft, with a week's worth of food towards Iceland, and was named King.


King Jónatan, as he was referred to, was a fair and just King. He founded two cities, Rösläsk, and Hävangí to make room for the growing population. King Jónatan also named Vaastväk as the official capital of the country, of which he had renamed Kobidar in the place of Oddrsland. Jónatan also created a law, that prevented any King from seizing any piece of land that was rightfully owned by the occupier. He created another law as well, that stated that any accusations towards a man would be handled by the newly created Supreme Court. Jónatan died in 1567, leaving the country to his son, also named Jónatan.


Kobidson is still thought of as the savior of Kobidar, and is a folk figure and National Hero for his deeds. He is also  thought to be the best and most famous King of Kobidar.