Captain Jacob Kilkenny

4th Chancellor of Nanteos
4th Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King George I
Preceded by Robert Lever
Succeeded By Sir Allistar Hyatt

Born Crowe's Nest
Political party Moralist Party
Defeated Robert Lever and Daniel Taylor (1st term). Mike Cooper second term
Naval Commander
Religion Kabbalist

Jacob Kilkenny was the 4th Chancellor of Nanteos and former captain in the Nanteon Navy.

Early Life

Jacob Kilkenny was born shortly after the founding of the city of Crowe's Nest. Jacob was named after the first king of Nanteos and national hero Jacob the Painted.

Military Career

Jacob joined attended the Nanteon Naval institute and was given the rank of insign upon graduation. After rising through the ranks he was finally given the rank of captain shortly after his performance in the 1st Avalonian War.

Political Carreer

Kilkenny refused a promotion to Marshall of the Nanteon Military after the resignation of General Robert Lever and decided instead to resign himself and run for mayor of Crowe's Nest. After serving a term as mayor he lost his second bid. He was then appointed by General Robert Lever to serve as minister of veterans affairs for the newly created department. After general Lever's falling out with the Moralist Party, Kilkenny was asked to run for the office. Kilkenny defeated the Chancellor and Freedom party candidate, Daniel Taylor to win the office. Kilkenny would serve two terms as Chancellor of Nanteos.


General Robert Lever and several notable politicians accused Kilkenny of being a pawn for King George I and Heir to the throne at the time Sir Jack Sparrow. However, no charges were officially leveled against the throne and Kilkenny remained in office until lossing the election to independent Sir Allistar Hyatt

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