Jacob the Painted

1st King of Nanteos
Born Nanteos (assumed
Family Powell Family
Preceded By N/A
Succeeded By King Marcus I
Religion Kabbalist

Sir Jacob the Painted, also known as Jacob I, was a knight of Nanteos, Lord Protector of the town of Nanteos, and finally the first king of the Kingdom of Nanteos.

Early Life

Jacob the Painted was one of the original Knights of Nanteos. He was present during the exile of the knights and helped to construct Castle Nanteos from which the city would eventually be built around. Jacob I was the first grandmaster of the Knights.

Leader of Nanteos

After serving as grandmaster of the Knights of Nanteos, Jacob the Painted was appointed Lord Protector of Nanteos. He would later be crowned King of Nanteos following the victory over the Acornians.

Kings of Nanteos
Jacob the Painted King Marcus I King William I King George I King William II King William III King William IV

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